The (dis)Honor Farm

The (dis)Honor Farm

The Legend: Dark Offerings

Many years ago, on the grounds of an old abandoned insane asylum in West Pueblo, Satanic worshippers sacrificed children in rituals to honor Satan and gain occult powers. Even today, those visiting the grounds of the asylum at night hear the screams and see apparitions of children in all directions, only to fade if sought after. Many of those seeking to experience the spirits there have seen a black goat approaching them from out of a low, thick mist that seems to come out of nowhere, only to disappear before it reaches them.

The History: The Honor Farm

The Honor Farm in Pueblo has been the subject of many stories over the decades in Pueblo, including one of sacrifice. Stay tuned for the legends and the true history of the Honor Farm.


This article contains a Colorado urban legend collected from many sources including websites, forum, books and personal accounts.  Colorado Urban Legends does not present these stories as truth or historical fact and it is provided for informational purposes only. The story above has been researched and that information will be provided in a future article located in the Truth section of this website. To protect the families of some of those involved in the historical information, some names will be withheld. If anyone posts names of those that Colorado Urban Legends is not providing within the article will be removed or not approved.

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